This sweet little table was almost too damaged to be restored. We have, however, managed to breathe new life into it with some serious sanding, some chalky white paint and a glossy, patterned resin top. 


This beautiful little piece could be used as an entrance hall table (somewhere to pop your phone and keys and maybe a lovely big bunch of flowers?), a bedside table or maybe even a sweet little vanity. 


-Damage disclaimer- Due to the damage to this table, the top drawer is VERY stiff and we would reccomend leaving it in place completely. The body of the piece is in very good condition despite a couple of bumps. The other drawers are a little bit stiff but nothing you wouldn't expect from antique furniture. 



-The top is a high gloss mixture of blue, white,green, gold and black pigment mixed with epoxy resin.
-This table top has been coated with epoxy resin making it both durable and visually effective with a high gloss finish.
-Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth, if the table top is getting cloudy glass cleaner and a very soft cloth will have it shining in no time.

W- 49cm

D- 34.5

WEIGHT: 8.8kg

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Bedside/Entrance/Vainty Hall Resin Art Table

£93.00Price , resin, tables, lichtenberg, lichtenburg shabby chic rustic lightning furniture

    We are a small, family run design business situated in Johnstonebridge, Lockerbie. We specialise in handmade, bespoke, rustic and reworked home decor. 

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